What we do

Arctic Adventure has been arranging well organized trips to Swedish Lapland and Norway since 2000.

We arrange and perform all kinds of winter activities like snow mobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, Northern Lights watching, moose and reindeer Safari, Kick-sleds etc., most performed by our personnel, others by experienced suppliers of special skills like dog-sled.

We at Arctic Adventure have serviced a selected few tour-operators, both UK-based and others, with 100% attention and provided accommodation, transfers and activities etc., to 100 % satisfaction and so far, never a flaw. We are your pathfinders to the north! 

About the tours

  • Safe arrangements. Safety always comes first
  • Provides guests with extra clothing, jackets, trousers, boots, gloves/mittens and cap.
  • Meet and greet arriving visitors at the airport with a name-plate and a great smile.
  • Make the transfer to accommodation and use the time to provide full and good information on the local amenities also exchange information such as preferences for food and possible shortcomings like allergies and the like.
  • Ensure that the accommodation is comfortable for the guests and according to expectations.
  • Provide a written program for their whole visit.
  • A visit can be B&B, half or full boarding and always with a water heater and coffee/tea available.
  • Provide the guests with a simple cell-phone with our numbers and emergency programmed.
  • We can be reached 24/7
  • We have no restrictions for the participation of children. They will always be provided with safe car seats, helmets and special care in the cold.
  • We support the practice of giving preference for Swedish Cousine and local produce.
  • We offer 10 different winter activities.
  • We make bespoke packages for Tour Operators.
  • We are fluent in English and Swedish. Translators to Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are available.
  • We have expert knowledge of the region and are well connected within the tourism community.