Visit gammelstad – world heritage site

Visit our Unesco heritage site

Our guide will take you onto a visit of the old church and the Church Town of 400 ancient cottages. They have their origin in the 15th century and are the origin of the town of Luleå, which had to be moved 15-20 km, in the late 18th century to the east due to the isostatic uplift after the latest ice age, making the harbour to shallow. The Church Town got listed by UNESCO in 1996 on the World Heritage Site-list and is unique of its kind both in size and age.

Our guide will meet up at your accommodation for the transport, and the journey will take you to Gammelstad (approx. 25 min.) The guide will take you around the old settlements and tell the story of this World Heritage Site. Follow us to a highlight of cultural history, in a unique winter environment. After the tour, we will finish off with a snack before we return to Boden.

Activity information

  • price 1,600 SEK per person
  • 800 SEK for children from 5-12 years